Motivational Stories of Two Legendary Entrepreneurs, David Arsenault and Roberto Hroval

David Arsenault

Effenco is the brainchild of three mechanical engineers who wanted to leave their mark for the benefit of future generations. David Arsenault, one of the co-founders, wants his company to revolutionize the way we reduce the pollutant emissions of heavy vehicles, thanks to the partial electrification of the engines.


Effenco was created in 2006 at Centech (Technology Entrepreneurship Center), an accelerator of the ETS, while the three co-founders David Arsenault, Benoit Lacroix and Dany Fouquet were studying engineering and were looking for a solution to increase energy efficiency. After making their own carbon assessments, they concluded that the transportation issue was crucial with respect to CO 2 emissions. “We broke our head to find a business sector in which there were energy efficiency gaps and we chose the heavy-duty sector. This segment has many opportunities for improvement as it is one of the least efficient in the transportation field. “

For doing so, David Arsenault believes that getting into the business while studying is a logical decision. On the one hand, this is a period during which financial commitments are lower, so it is more likely to take the time to develop a viable project. Students feel less need to take a job to earn the salary associated with it. “At the end of our studies, we were already poor, so it was okay,” commented David Arsenault, who did not pay salary from 2006 to 2011. In the case of Effenco, the project could be completed through scholarships.

On the other hand, studies, especially in the technology sector, provide an adequate framework for conducting in-depth research. The three co-founders of Effenco continued their master’s and doctoral studies by focusing their research on the analysis of vehicle cycles and then on a technology that could reduce energy consumption. “We knew the answer to our problem: it was about reducing energy consumption when the vehicle is still,” says Arsenault, “but it took us years to come up with the right system. We finally found the winning solution that made sense, both economically and commercially.”

Before being able to present its flagship product, the Active Stop-Start electric hybrid system, which allows the engine of a heavy vehicle to stop while allowing other vehicle equipment to operate, the team had to collect a crowd of data. It is thanks to the first customers, intrigued by the technology of the company, that this research could be realized. “The contributions of these customers, who put vehicles on the road and helped us collect data, proved invaluable. These client-partners helped us a lot in developing the product. All the information gathered has allowed the company’s technology to evolve and four architectures to be tested before arriving at the product proposed today.


“I always say we have two sales to do in our field,” says Arsenault. “We must first create the market (that of the electrification of heavy vehicles), then take a share. Once the customer has tested the product and found the trial successful, the work done can sell hundreds of units. Initially, it’s very long, you have to sow the seeds. But then, just harvest the fruits of our work, sales are easy to achieve.”

The current context is also conducive to the emergence of companies such as Éffenco whose activities are carried out with a view to sustainable development. “It’s been a long time before anything moves, but most companies now have greenhouse gas reduction targets. And we have a solution to offer. But this change is very recent.”


As with sales, Effect’s team had to believe in its product and be patient to access funding, because even though the concept was attractive, it needed numbers to demonstrate the potential of this niche market. The company was able to benefit from various sources of funding, but it was as a result of its commercial breakthrough that funding steps began to follow. “The challenge of an entrepreneur,” adds David Arsenault, “is the funding required for development. At the same time, there is a good reason for that: six years ago, we probably would have made worse decisions. It is good that it is only now that we have access to funds. With the money raised, Effenco is now fueling its growth and enjoying a flourishing period.”

The company is now attacking the Chinese market, which is exploding because of the desire of leaders to position themselves as leaders in electrification. This market, which David Arsenault describes as dynamic, is evolving very quickly and represents a great potential for growth.


For the rest, Effenco will look in the coming year to diversify its activities geographically, but also with regard to the types of markets. At present, its activities focus on heavy-duty vehicles, terminal trucks and waste collection trucks, but the technology could soon be installed on concrete trucks, bucket trucks and all kinds of buses.

And the company will continue to create. First, as David Arsenault points out “because we can not sit on a product and thus fuel the growth of Effenco” and because a spirit of invention animates this co-founder.


Roberto Hroval


Roberto Hroval, the founder of PatentReal Corporation, is the latest big announcement in today’s world. With his incredible innovations, he is soon going to rule this planet.

Where people today are leisurely spoiling the mother Earth with waste and pollution, Roberto Hroval is working day in and out to save this planet from dying. With his back to back amazing inventions, I would call Roberto Hroval the mastermind of saving this planet.


Recently, he and his company have announced their latest groundbreaking innovation, the launch of a waste to energy solution. This solution is called Product Reincarnation Technology™, in short, PRT.

Having learned about the corporation, let’s talk a bit about the founder of this amazing organization.


Roberto Hroval is a modern entrepreneur who established this company with great zeal and effort. A lot goes behind him this motivation to help humanity.

Ever since his boyhood, he has been this crazy kid, often called “a little devil” because of his crazy plans. He was hyperactive, requiring to try and feel everything that came in his mind. And that also included some disastrous happenings, such as the fire in his home. But that did not prevent him even a bit. His primary focus right since the age of 5 was to create some new and improved products from the ones already existing.


He even built motorcycle, car, robots, and so on when he was still in his primary school. This age itself moved him to become an entrepreneur when he grows up. He specialized in electronics, moving into his first business right at the age of 15 - building handmade, state-of-the-art, hi-fi amplifiers that were an instant success.

His theory - work till you form the best product, and not just “another product” - led him to become such a master blaster in his field. His knowledge to know difficulties much ahead of time pushed him to create numerous innovative solutions to the problems which had no solution as of then.


Initially, he began off with small casual projects, such as Raw Material Exchange, event management, etc. But extinction gave him that happiness, since nothing new was being done here. His hunger to do something technical for the betterment of humanity made him restless led him to shun away all his highly profitable projects.

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